Wheels made in Ditherm® composite compound and natural fibers

-50°C +400°C | -58°F +752°F

Enter Ditherm XTW series

The XTW series is the only wheel which is assuring a temperature resistance up to +400°C and not being made out of aluminum or cast-iron, with the big advantage to preserve the floor and to secure a dramatic reduction of noise if compared to metal wheels.

They are available with several types of hubs and bearings, in order to allow the perfect response and the best need / price ratio for any type of high or low temperature requirement.

The XTW wheels can be fitted into a specific series of brackets for high/low temperatures, which are specifically studied and produced to fulfill the extremely wide variability of conditions to which they are submitted in the world of uses in temperatures and bakery / food industry.

Brackets are fully certified and manufactured with food and sanitary grade Stainless Steel in AISI 304 / 316, and are available in both metric and inches standard sizes, and are also available in double-layer galvanized pressed steel.

They are RoHS - REACh compliant, and the permanent lubrication has been approved by FDA-USDA for contact with foods.

A computerized control of the swivel head ball race and assembling tolerances assures a perfect plate rotation without locking point.

Brake system is perfect for low and high temperatures and for inside-outside use and is maintenance free.

USES : The DITHERM XTW wheels are manufactured to resist to a range of temperatures between -50°C and +400°C, and are recommended for continuous use up to +350°C with peaks of +400°C.

They features a fair resistance to water, most solvents, oils, acids and chemicals, excellent fire-smoke-toxicity properties and are fully certified for use in bakery and food industry, as well as for any oven application requiring temperature of exercise up to +400°C of peak.

These wheel assures also a great work into freezers and in temperature until -50°C and guarantee a high resistance against thermal shock caused by quick increasing or reduction of temperature, in fact the new Ditherm® material allow these wheels to resist to sudden variation of temperatures, permitting to withstand jumps of 400°C in less than 60 seconds, either from cold to hot or reverse.

Ditherm XTW wheels do not mark the floor when the free rolling is secured, but can leave traces of grinded material if used on abrasive floors ; also, some chipping or cracking of the wheel surface can happen in case of use on very uneven floors or in presence of heavy impacts against sharp obstacles, and in some particularly abrasive floors the wheel can show a higher grade of abrasion if compared to Ditherm MTW series.